Over the past couple of months my sister’s family and I have been able to spend quality time with one another. We’ve watched my youngest nephew’s baseball games, enjoyed the pool when the weather has been extremely warm, had a few movie nights and have been blessed to attend church together as well. There have also been some many lessons I’ve been able to take away from our time with each other, but I think the one that has stuck out the most is learning how to have fun and try to see things through a child’s eyes.  

One afternoon I picked my nephew up from baseball practice and ask him what were three things he was grateful for? He responded with “my family, friends, and God.” I then followed up with, “Why God?” His response was “because He made me!” I know this may seem like a simple answer to most, but I admired his response because when I am asked this question, most of the time I think my response must be much more; when in reality, some of the richest blessings God gives us are in the smallest things.

A few weeks later, I told my nephew that before school starts, I would take him paddleboarding at the lake just down the road from his house. He was beyond excited and wanted to go as soon as possible. The following day, I received a phone call from him telling me he was home from his friends and was ready to head to the lake. I had a few things to work on but figured time with him would be of more value than packing for a week away. I headed over to pick him up and off to the lake we went. We arrived at the boat house, but when he found out there were no paddleboards to rent, he was slightly disappointed. Fortunately, he was okay with renting a kayak instead.

 As soon as we got in, he quickly had a change of heart and decided to make his own fun. We rowed our way to the docks so he could jump in the water. We searched for “sea monsters” together where the water was murky, and towards the end he pretended to be a surfer as the waves drew near. He was having a blast and just let his imagination run as we rowed around. He may have even acted like the Kayak was a paddleboard and tried to ensure to me that he would be safe. We returned the Kayak after our time was up and my nephew couldn’t help but express how much fun he had exploring─ even though there were no paddleboards.  

From these moments and many more, I started to realize just how often I can lose the wonder in my own life and miss out on the little things God blesses us with that bring us much joy. Being able to spend quality time with family has helped change my perspective on certain things and reminds me to view things from a different perspective─ even when something doesn’t work out.