There are many places I enjoy visiting. When I have time or feel up for a drive, my favorite place is preferably a trip to the mountains. I love the fresh cool mountain air, the smell of the pine trees and the sweet sound of peace and quiet. However, when the mountains are just too far after a day’s work, I am blessed to have the pleasant views and trails through a walnut orchard.

The peace and quiet can still be found and it is where I go to just be still, talk with God to lay down the burdens that weigh on my heart and praise him for the gifts he continuously pours out. Each day I enter in, the more I am reminded of His goodness and faithfulness. It is here in this orchard where the mourning has been turned into dancing as I lean into God more and more each day. It is the place where I go to feel refreshed, renewed and encouraged to start again as I continue to walk in His grace and strengthen my relationship with God. And in all honesty, the place where my puppy can be as crazy as she wants to no end.

Last year had many of us facing disappointments, heartache, and pain. One verse that encouraged me on a daily stroll comes from Isaiah 40:8: “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.” As I meditated on this verse, it encouraged me to remember that God will always remain and has a plan even when I cannot see.

As we continue into the new year, we may not be able to always go to the mountains or the place we so desperately desire, but I think each of us has a special place to go when our hearts need to meet with God the most. Where is that place for you? Is it the prayer room in your house, the chair on the front porch, a walk down the street or maybe a drive to new scenes? Wherever it may be, I encourage you to seek out the place where you can go and meet with the One who is able to provide the rest and peace that we so desperately long for when we have no control.