Girl Friday

Train Up a Child

What do you remember about your elementary school? Maybe the games you played at recess? Your favorite teacher? The hated multiplication table speed drills? The

The Other Leaven

Anybody who’s been in the church for any length of time knows that there’s no greater insult than to be called a Pharisee. The holier-than-thou

Thou Forever Wilt Be

I am notoriously resistant to change. I drove the car my parents bought when I was three until it burst into flames in our driveway,

Could or Should?

Long convinced that the popular understanding of Herbert Hoover did not give him his due, I recently pounded through a biography of the thirty-first president.

Imaginary Money

Last week, three of my sisters and I were having a discussion about our various savings strategies—one of them has begun using an app to

It’s the Little Things

I had a perfect cup of tea the other day: just an ordinary cup of black tea with milk, but exactly the right temperature and

How & Why

Probably, you shouldn’t have a favorite Bible author—all Scripture is God-breathed and useful, etc. Probably, most of us do. Whether we gravitate towards David’s passion

The Spider Blog

Unfortunately for those of us who like to keep our doors and windows open, the time of year the weather cooperates with that desire is

Suddenly Something Happens

After a tragedy, disaster, or cataclysm, people have a tendency to turn toward each other and declare solemnly, “things will never be the same.” The

Put It Off

Recently, while trawling the Internet to avoid something I didn’t want to do, I read an article about the causes of procrastination. While common wisdom

Ordinary Time

The holidays: what a great time of year! Parties! Special food! Different songs! Time off work! Gathering with loved ones you don’t see very often!

Love at Christmas

One of the especial delights of the Christmas season, in my opinion, are Christmas movies. Most families have their own traditional favorites: It’s a Wonderful

Always Bow Our Knees

If you were to call the office Thursday afternoon, you might hear a message letting you know that our offices are closed for staff prayer

No Offense, But…

It takes a thick skin to live in the world these days. To be fair, people have been the same sinful, fallen creatures since the

Practice Makes Better

I had a professor in college who believed in something he called “the cult of the amateur.” Being prone to overstate things, he didn’t really

In the Heights of Heaven

Trudging into work one day, I felt as run-down as the grey grimy streets I walked on. It was barely sunrise and my body could

Sin & Sunday

’tis the season…to ponder human mortality. Throughout the Church, many Christians take the weeks before Easter to seriously consider the weight of their sin and

Necessities, Luxuries, and Fish & Chips

Lately I’ve been doing research on how the British government instituted its rationing policy during the Second World War. Although I am utilizing the information