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Girl Friday

Could or Should?

Long convinced that the popular understanding of Herbert Hoover did not give him his due, I recently pounded through a biography of the thirty-first president. It was well worth the…

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Imaginary Money

Last week, three of my sisters and I were having a discussion about our various savings strategies—one of them has begun using an app to make automatic deposits into her…

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How & Why

Probably, you shouldn’t have a favorite Bible author—all Scripture is God-breathed and useful, etc. Probably, most of us do. Whether we gravitate towards David’s passion or Luke’s orderliness or James’…

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Put It Off

Recently, while trawling the Internet to avoid something I didn’t want to do, I read an article about the causes of procrastination. While common wisdom has long held that procrastination…

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Ordinary Time

The holidays: what a great time of year! Parties! Special food! Different songs! Time off work! Gathering with loved ones you don’t see very often! Playing games! Seeing movies! Staying…

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Love at Christmas

One of the especial delights of the Christmas season, in my opinion, are Christmas movies. Most families have their own traditional favorites: It’s a Wonderful Life, or Miracle on 34th…

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