Gather Together

We are living in a world driven by technological advancements. Just about everything we do today uses some form of advanced technology. Just look at our cell phone. Back when

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Impact on Families

Last week our family hit a milestone: our first child started preschool. It’s hard to believe how fast time flew by. It feels like we

Why Do We Do It?

There was a study done recently to see how one’s salary affects how they are seen by others. In this study, participants listened to two

A Change of Heart

Over the past couple of months my sister’s family and I have been able to spend quality time with one another. We’ve watched my youngest

5K Run

I had been exercising regularly in preparation for a 5k I was going to run with a dear friend. I felt I was fairly well

This One Thing We Know…

Most of us can remember the day when we learned something significant about life. Some revelation came to us out of the clear blue that

The Gift of Laughter

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to become friends with quite a few women from church and have enjoyed getting to know each

Life Has Trials

Life is filled with trials. It’s not a matter of whether you will face trials, but more a matter of when. These trials come in

Family Matters

We recently came back from a family vacation in Florida. I had a great time there with my wife, our 4-year-old daughter, and our 1-year-old

A Small Window

I have lived a significant portion of my life in the northern latitudes, where a southern-facing window is valuable for letting in much-needed light. I

Thou Forever Wilt Be

I am notoriously resistant to change. I drove the car my parents bought when I was three until it burst into flames in our driveway,

Financial Growth Mindset

I have been reading a book titled Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck. In the book, Dweck explains how our natural abilities can bring us initial

On Track

Being in the finance industry I constantly find myself studying and keeping track of financial and economic data. We look at things such as inflation,

What They Are Hearing

The Millennials have a new term for the Boomer generation that you may have heard. It’s quite straightforward and rather direct – “yeah, boomer’. It

Grace Walk

In my family, I’m considered weird because I enjoy running. Sometimes, I ask my sister if she would like to run a race or participate

Not What I Hoped

Well, this past year didn’t go quite like I had hoped – for various reasons. The COVID pandemic never ended like we had hoped, we

Building Strong

I watched an interesting video a few weeks ago about testing the difference between tools and materials that were made before technology and automation went

The Act of Worship

It was Thomas Edison who said, “Success is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” He knew what he was talking about as he lived

What is Normal, Anyway?

I have heard quite a few times over the past months that we need to make changes in order to adjust to this “new normal”.

The Anchor Effect

Quite some time ago I read a book that talked about the “anchor effect”. For those that never heard of the term, the anchor effect

Those Familiar Stories

There is a possible risk that comes with learning Bible stories when we are young, which few parents have considered. It is difficult to foresee

Hurry Sickness

I think I might be suffering from a touch of “Hurry Sickness”. I tend to be an impatient person. There I said it. Those that

A Lesson Learned Early

Growing up on a small dairy farm in southern Wisconsin created many opportunities to learn some of life’s lessons.  My father was a good teacher. 

Attitude Reflection

Dear Future Self: It seems everywhere we turn nowadays we are inundated with bad attitudes. Whether we are talking about politics, racism, discrimination, crime, religion,

Being Booked

When George Burns was approaching 100 years of age he was asked if he ever thought about death.  He replied, “How can I die? I’m

Dreams of Destiny

If you think back into the secret places of your childhood mind, into those deep recesses of your psyche, you will likely remember some of

Not That Easy

The last decade has seen great advancements in technology and one of the industries that has seen the most growth is the financial industry. In

Could or Should?

Long convinced that the popular understanding of Herbert Hoover did not give him his due, I recently pounded through a biography of the thirty-first president.

Finding Balance in Saving

Save every penny you can for the future or enjoy life now and worry about the future later? Which is correct? I know one young

Housing Market Pandemic

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, one of the unexpected winners of the pandemic has been home sellers. House prices have been increasing at a rapid

Pride’s Ways

“The proud person always wants to do the right thing, the great thing. But because he wants to do it in his own strength, he

Don’t Miss Out on Blessings

My son Leighton had an opportunity to attend the Final Four at the recent NCAA Basketball Championship in Indianapolis, IN. The college my son attends

Imaginary Money

Last week, three of my sisters and I were having a discussion about our various savings strategies—one of them has begun using an app to

He Is Always With Us

My son called me from college the other day, and he sounded tired and beaten. He had a couple of exams in his more challenging

Persevering in Uncertainty

As we approach the one-year anniversary of when COVID-19 and the shutdowns began, I cannot help but notice how much uncertainty and disbalance there is

A Place Where You Can Go

There are many places I enjoy visiting. When I have time or feel up for a drive, my favorite place is preferably a trip to

A Good Joke

Most of us would agree that a good joke stands the test of time. One joke I particularly like was found carved on the wall


Charting the New Way Forward

As we enter 2021, a lot of us are hoping that this is the year things will “go back to normal”. People are looking forward

It’s the Little Things

I had a perfect cup of tea the other day: just an ordinary cup of black tea with milk, but exactly the right temperature and

Value in Organizing

I love organization and can’t stand clutter. Few things in life bring me more satisfaction than purging the unnecessary and organizing what is kept. Unfortunately,

You Are Not Alone

It has been an interesting year to say the least. I find it maddening that we can live in a world filled with billions of

The Evergreen

 As we come near to Christmas our minds turn to thinking about those traditions that warm us from the inside. The older we get the

Faith vs. Fatalism

I have seen a lot of Christians over the past year very concerned about the political situation in the world. There is a widespread feeling

Appreciating Hard Winters

I lived in the Chicago area most of my life. In fact, I worked in the city for 15 years. In my opinion it is

The Great Pearl

We have all heard sermons on the Pearl of Great Price. It is a common topic among pastors because the message is seemingly quite clear.


In Lieu of Flowers

At the end of an obituary it is common to see: “In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts can be made to _________.”   The designated organization

In the Waiting

Sometimes our lives can feel as if we are in a season of waiting or down a road we never planned. If you’re anything like

Giving and Taking

I have been reading a book lately by Adam Grant called Give and Take which has got me to thinking. In it he made some


These Uncertain Times

 “These uncertain times…” Does that phrase make anyone else crazy? Just me? Somehow, I don’t think so. My pastor, who happens to also be my