Spring is officially here! The signs are everywhere. Our community has come alive. The beaches are crowded with young people racing into town to celebrate Spring Break. Malls have been full as people began shopping for summer clothing, beach gear, and chocolate Easter bunnies.

Church choir members have been busy practicing for Easter pageants that joyfully proclaim our Lord has risen and is now alive, sitting at the right hand of the Father. This is a time to rejoice.

Do you remember Easter Sunday when you were a child? All the little girls had on new, lacey dresses with full skirts, held out with starched crinolines underneath. They would twirl around to show off their new dresses and new patent-leather shoes. Even my grandmother always got a new hat to wear. I can still see her bright smile and sparkling blue eyes shining out from under the new broad-brimmed hat. Her snowy white hair, (which had never been cut), was wound tightly in a “bun” at the back of her neck.

This is the end of the cold season and time for us to decide where to go this summer. It’s hard to believe how many times we get asked the question, “where are you going next?”

We are already seeing the buses and big fifth-wheel units move out of the park. The snow birds who came here for the winter are going back home to Northern states. They’ll reopen their houses and begin to sow seeds and tend flower beds, vegetable gardens and lawns. Others are leaving to travel for the summer months, visiting National Parks and touring towns large and small, meeting new friends and seeing new places.

So where are we going next? Well, this summer, we’re staying right here, where we are. Some other travelers will be doing the same. You might ask how our daily lives will change. We will still have opportunity to meet new friends. There will be people coming in to replace those who have gone. Instead of people coming to escape cold weather, rather the new ones will be coming to enjoy the beautiful beaches and wonderful fishing and boat tours offered by this area.

Many who are staying will do much of the same things they would do if they had returned to their permanent home. For instance, our neighbor is busy putting out flowers and vegetables in ceramic pots. The flowers are already looking beautiful. They have assured us that we will have all the green beans and tomatoes we can eat this summer. They’ll have all they need and lots to share with others!

We can bloom where we are planted, and for right now, we are planted here. We have learned from experience that when our plans change, God often has a special purpose and plan in store. I can’t wait to see what it might be! There will still be time for traveling. Which of us knows what tomorrow will bring or how our circumstances may change? We know absolutely, however, if we commit our lives to God, He will direct our path.