A Few of the Services We Offer:*

  • Monthly Reconciliations – All accounts, including checking, savings, investments, and loans.
  • Month-End & Year-End Financial Reporting – Includes Balance Sheet, Profit-and-Loss, bank reconciliation reports, and fund balances.
  • Accounts payable – We can process accounts payable to be printed and mailed by us (with authorization), or provide a ready file to church staff for printing and mailing.
  • Data Entry & Transaction Classification
  • Month-End Reviews – For churches that want to retain their own accounting staff, but want to ensure accounting records are being done properly, we can review the work and provide a monthly report of findings.
  • Payroll Service – Provided by a third-party provider. We will coordinate the set-up, addition or removal of employees, salaries, benefits, and taxes. Employees will  be able to receive pay via check or direct deposit. Check stubs and tax forms can be mailed or sent digitally.
  • Generating and mailing 1099s – Most organizations pay vendors and have tax reporting requirements.  We can review payees and confirm if reporting is required and mail out necessary tax forms.
  • Issuing Donation Receipts – We can prepare contribution statements for donors’ tax records.

A Few Key Benefits:

  • Experienced Staff – When it would be cost prohibitive for you to hire someone full time in-house.
  • Eliminates Requirement for Training – Every time a bookkeeper leaves, someone new needs to be hired and trained. Outsourcing your bookkeeping will ensure you have qualified staff without the need to interview, hire, and train.
  • Eliminate Risk of Not Having a Bookkeeper  – When interim bookkeeping is needed for a period of time due to staff shortages/lack of experience.
  • Third Party Review – When you could use an outsider to review your financials to help prevent fraud and conflicts of interest.
  • Help Analyze Numbers – When you could benefit from someone coming in to review trends to help identify potential weaknesses.
  • Industry Experience – Our years of experience in finance will give us the ability to provide advice on best practices.

Please contact Igor Mokhov at 1-800-543-2343 or email  to discuss how we might be able to assist you with your bookkeeping.

*There are two options for financial software. Either use our default bookkeeping software (Quickbooks), or have a remote cloud-based software with granted access.