Calgary, Alberta

God has been moving in a special way among us here at Brentview Baptist Church and we feel so blessed to be able to be a part of it. Brentview is located in Calgary, right across from the University at a time when the need for a relevant faith has never been more necessary. Canadian and Foreign international students come to the University with hearts open wide to new experiences, including a desire to look into Christianity. God has truly placed us at the crossroads of the world.

Recently we asked one of our teens, who arrived from China only two years ago, why he wanted to be baptized. He said in a very matter-of-fact voice, “I wasn’t sure that God was real, but I was very sick one night, so I simply said, ‘God, if you are real make me better by tomorrow morning.’ ” When he awoke the next morning, he was completely fine, so he said, “I know God is real, so I want to give Him my life.” His parents, who didn’t believe in God when they came to Canada, have also found faith and soon will be baptized.

Because of our growing congregation and aging building, we felt it was time to embark on a building renewal. We decided to add 12,000 sq. ft. within our existing footprint of land (with an overall project encompassing 28,000 sq ft). As we went to the congregation concerning the expense of this, we were amazed at the faithful sacrificial giving. One Sunday our Children’s Ministry came up front and filled a huge chest with money they had saved and worked for. As a pastor, I was amazed as I watched how people sought the Lord concerning their personal financial involvement, and then how they obeyed with consistent generosity.

God helped us finish the building very close to budget. This was partly due to the diligent work of our building committee and congregation members using their lifetime of experience and amazing dedication. Together we were able to build a place that is energy efficient and makes many new ministries possible. God is so good, isn’t He?

We want to say a huge word of thanks to [Church Investors Fund] who has not only helped us financially, but has been a great consultant during the journey. Thanks also to all from across our denomination who have contributed to this ministry arm of the Church. You have made an impact not just on the expansion of a building, but on the ministries here as we seek to live out our mission statement ‘to know Jesus and touch our world’. Thank you for joining us in the grand endeavor of seeing lives changed and people sent out as ‘ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ’, wherever He strategically places them.
– as told by Pastor David Spate