Calvary Baptist Church of King, NC has been a beacon of hope for its community since 1969. With a commitment to spreading the Gospel through various ministries such as preschool, Christian day school, bus ministry, sports ministry, life groups, and many others, the church has touched the lives of countless people in King and beyond.

For more than two decades, Calvary Baptist Church and its affiliate Christian school operated separately, with a shared vision of eventually coming together on a single property large enough to accommodate their growing body and needs. In the years leading up to the capital project the church saw growth in all areas of its ministry, making it hard to fit all of the ministries into one facility. As such, they had a strong desire to unify and expand their spaces.

As the church prayed for a solution to their burgeoning needs, the Lord miraculously opened a door for them. A local realtor called the church out of the blue, informing them about a potential buyer who was interested in purchasing one of their properties. Selling this property would bring the church one step closer to unifying its church and school ministries, with the next step to expand the facilities on its remaining campus. However, just as they were in the middle of the selling process, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and in-person services were halted for nine weeks. Before finalizing the sale and beginning the building project, the church took up a special offering to pay down the debt on the remaining property. The church body carefully discerned God’s will for them, and on the day they voted to proceed with the project, a family who had been building their own house decided to give back to God what was first His. They delivered a large check to the church and said, “God provided for our house to be built. We want to give back to Him so that His house could be built.”

From there, the building project was on. With a huge leap of faith, Calvary Baptist Church partnered with Church Investors Fund to answer God’s call and bring their vision to reality. Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, the church remained steadfast and committed to this project with dedication and hard work. With God’s grace and guidance, the church successfully completed their project in a timely manner and their ministries have been thriving ever since.

Pastor Kevin Broyhill shared that the addition of new classrooms, a cafeteria/fellowship hall, and a gym on their church property has improved nearly every one of their 40 ministries. The new facility has allowed the church to greatly expand its existing ministries, launch several new ministries, and see numerous declarations of faith. It has also enabled them to be a valuable resource in the community, hosting fellowships for first responders as well as the State Basketball Tournament. As a result, the church has seen strong growth in their Sunday service attendance and membership numbers, as well as in their Christian school. Pastor Kevin further expressed his appreciation for Church Investors Fund, stating, “Church Investors Fund understands the dynamics of ministries and their needs. They were a great partner for us when other lenders lacked understanding and flexibility. Church Investors Fund met our need. Their process was smooth and allowed us to build in a timely manner.”

Simply having the extra space has enabled Calvary Baptist Church to fulfill the vision that God instilled in them so many years ago. The church body now sees the Christian school on a weekly basis, allowing them to witness the hand of God at work in the lives of their Christian school families—many of whom now attend the church regularly. Moving forward, the church plans to continue growing alongside its community, with a focus on spreading the Gospel message to the thousands of people who move into the community each year. Specifically, the church aims to expand its Christian school and preschool ministries, as the demand for these services is currently on the rise. With this expansion, the church hopes to better cater to the needs of the community and continue ministering to those in need.

Success stories such as this one are made possible because of the faithful contribution of our investors at Church Investors Fund. At Calvary Baptist Church of King, lives are being transformed daily. By partnering with Church Investors Fund, Pastor Kevin shared, “[You] are also investing in eternity. Only Heaven knows the impact your investment is making.”