I was born, raised and educated in the Mid-Western portion of the USA before immigrating to Canada. My parents would host many people traveling through our rural area as motels & restaurants were few. People like salesmen, missionaries, foreign students, traveling evangelists or hobos. As a child (and as a young person) – I was challenged to think about and pray for others, through these visitors and my parents’ heart for the world –particularly the children. This began a love for serving others that continues to this day. The Lord had been preparing me through many life experiences, for what He called me to do the last 4 years in Japan. I‘ve had the honor to teach a variety of ages, both women and men and in areas that I love – like drawing, cooking, theatre, culture, painting, communication, discipleship AND BIBLE! It has been an honor to be a part of “God-at-work” — whether on a farm in Iowa or when living in some of the largest cities in the world.

It has been my joy to travel around North America testifying about what happened these years, in Japan, due to people like you trusting God to use me on your behalf! In July 2015 I finished as a missionary to Japan and since August 2015, I have been serving you by teaching at YOUR school, Taylor Seminary, here in the south of Edmonton.