It’s a new year. The house has suddenly become eerily quiet as the conversations and laughter of family and friends has left what was a full house. The Christmas decorations are being packed away and it’s back to work. For many of us, we have also packed away a few pounds from the delicious foods we have indulged in, along with packing debt on our credit cards.

For many the Christmas season was filled with joy, remembrance of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and hope for what the year ahead has in store. But truthfully, I pray your year is not just filled with hope for the future, but also the confidence to move forward with a vigor.

We often speak of hope for the future and the good things that lie ahead. Although hope can help us through the difficult times, it is confidence that will drive us to action and allow us to change the things we can.

I pray you have the confidence to overcome the insecurities that have kept you entrenched in quicksand over the years and kept you from achieving the goals you have been longing for. May you have the confidence to face your fears and place them in God’s hands.

If you are struggling financially, I pray you have the confidence to get your finances under control, the confidence to tithe, the confidence to reduce debt and the confidence to save for your future.

If there are broken relationships that need healing, I pray you have the confidence to initiate the healing process.

Most importantly, I pray we all have the confidence to grow closer to God, knowing that we need to acknowledge our sins, and sincerely turn away from ourselves and step towards God. We will be challenged by evil, but we must have the confidence to overcome. We most certainly will stumble and fall but knowing the depth of his love and that we will be held accountable, should drive us to never give up.

Hope is a good thing, but it is not enough without the confidence to face our fears. Hope is the feeling that helps us believe that we can make positive changes in our lives, but confidence also includes faith and trust and the certainty that God will direct our steps and lead us though a life that glorifies Him and blesses others.