I recently wrote a blog about millennials and their faith and I was asked by a few readers to share how we might be able to reach the millennials that are now young men and women searching for answers. I by no means claim to be an expert; but I do have 3 millennial sons who have recently grown in their faith and were willing to give me a glimpse into what mattered to them (imagine that).

Like most millennials, my boys live and breathe the internet and constantly use social media. On a daily basis they take in an overwhelming amount of information, including some very strong opinions on many different topics – from politics, to music, to just about every topic you can think of….including God and faith.

This exposure can help them to be well educated on the many different topics. The plus side is that they can learn all sides of a topic and hopefully respect, or at least understand, the views of others. The down side is they can get too much of one side and become cemented in that opinion (even if it is wrong), which can often be derived from un-educated individuals that have no interest in the lives of others.

So let’s talk about their faith. Do we want to leave their faith up to social media alone? Obviously not. So what are we to do? Ultimately, they seem to connect through face to face connections. It isn’t through social media. Social media can serve as a valuable tool to communicate and stay connected to them, but only when done correctly. Their faith seems to grow the most when someone takes the time to connect with them.

Also, Parents need to be heavily involved in the formation of their kids’ lives. Make your kids put their phones down and talk to them. Stop blaming it on everyone else. It starts with you. Later, when your child stops communicating with you because he/she thinks you are an idiot (roll eyes here) and can no longer add anything of value to their lives, then it’s time to lean heavier on others with their growth. Connect them to quality people who care about who they are now and who they are to become.

I believe many millennials need to be shown the value of personal relationships. Social media has personalized the internet, but there is still no substitution for human interaction. We don’t want technology to run our lives and it’s our responsibility to ensure it doesn’t run theirs. It is a tool….that’s it.

Lastly, I challenge you to reach out to the millennials. Talk to them. Get to know them. Love upon them. They are a very intelligent generation, with deep thoughts, that will do great things. With proper, loving guidance they can go on to even greater things, all for the Glory of God. Don’t be afraid of their world. Just as we would like their respect, they would like ours.