My Father and Mother came from Europe – Greece and Italy. They settled in a small Georgia town. Elberton is known for its granite quarries. Nicholas and Emma married and had three children – Helen, Nick and Constantino

We relocated to Greensboro, NC shortly after I was born (1926).In Greensboro we attended the Greek Orthodox Church but stopped going since my brother and sister and I did not speak Greek.

My brother was influenced by his girlfriend to attend a Baptist Church with her. He received Christ as his Savior and encouraged the rest of the family to make the same decision he had made. All in our family did make that decision too.

I went to church one Sunday evening with Nick and made a public confession of my faith. On our way home I told Nick that now that I had confessed to Christ and I was going to give Him my whole life. A second thing I said was that I was going to give God my money too. The Holy Spirit was working in my life, but I did not know this.

When I graduated from High School I started working in the shoe business and thought this was going to be my life’s work – a business man selling shoes. However, when I was in the Navy I joined a Navigator Bible Study Group, memorized scores of scripture verses and felt called to the ministry.

I attended and graduated from Bob Jones University in 1949. It was in 1948 that I met Harriet Graves at BJU and started dating her. We got married in 1950. Next to being saved, this was the greatest blessing I could ever experience. She went to be with the Lord June 1, 2012 after sixty-two years of marriage.

From 1950-60: we had four children, graduated first time from Northern seminary in Chicago, planted the first Southern Baptist Church in Chicago, pastored my first NAB Church, Bellwood, Il, and planted a second church – NAB – in Glen Ellyn, IL Glenbard Baptist now known as Village Green Baptist.

1961-76: We completed our ministry at Glenbard (Village Green) and then I did four years with God’s Volunteers and returned to the pastorate in 1969 accepting the call to Costa Mesa, CA at Harbor Trinity Baptist Church.

From 1976 to this date, I have been loving our NAB family and working in Biblical Stewardship.I did not realize that when I told God I was going to give Him my money that my future ministry would be in the area of Biblical Stewardship. I thank God for all of the colleagues I have worked with in the Conference Office plus the wonderful pastors and lay people I have met and worked with. It was my privilege to do various ministries in 350 NAB churches. Wow! That was a lot of traveling.

My ministry with the NAB Foundation will conclude December 31, 2016. Lord willing, I will be 90 plus at that time but plan to continue working in some aspect of ministry by God’s grace until I die.