Over the past couple months, I’ve had a schedule that has been full. Though it was with good things, if I’m honest, sometimes I find a full schedule a bit overwhelming. When my schedule is so packed, I am prone to forget the blessings God has given and continues to give.

Last year, I found myself writing down notes of all I had to be thankful for throughout the day. These blessings I would write down wouldn’t necessarily be big elaborate gifts of God’s grace. Rather, they were mostly the small and simple gifts; because for me, some of the most joyous blessings would be small. It might be such things as receiving a note of encouragement from a friend, being able to spend time with my mom, listening to students share how God is moving in their life, or sitting outside in the Fall and admiring the color of the leaves changing.  

It wasn’t until I was sitting in a car, on a road trip recently, I realized I haven’t been keeping as much track as much as I would like to. Now, I know I don’t have to write down blessings from God every day to check off “some box”, but I think it is a good practice that helps us remember God and His faithfulness. So, for me, being able to put this into practice daily or throughout the week helps me sit still and remember to focus my attention on all God has done.

As we approach the holidays, I know for some this can be the most joyous time of the year as families gather around and the list of blessings seems to be endless. However, I also know from experience, this time of year can be a season of grief as loved ones close to us may have passed away or are no longer with us, and the list of God’s blessing seems a little tougher to write out this time of year.

As joyous or tough as it may be, I encourage you to try and keep track of the gifts God brings to you and more importantly, lean into His word. God is always near, always faithful, and always providing in the simplest of ways because— He cares and loves us deeply.