In my younger days, which was a very long time ago, I had this yearning to see the world. I had dreamed of leaving my job behind as a student assistant in a lab and doing something a little more exciting. Don’t laugh, but my job involved plucking bee lungs. Yes, you read it correctly. I worked for the Department of Food and Agriculture. We checked samples from bee colonies for the presence of mites, which if present, could mean disaster for crops. So, anyway, I sat for hours at a microscope, delicately removing the lungs from the tiny insects and inspecting them to search for minuscule parasites.

Then came my opportunity! I discovered that a major airline was coming to my city to hold open interviews, so I took a day off from bee lung plucking to attend the interview. Thankfully, I was hired as a flight attendant, left my old career behind, and boarded a Boeing 767 to attend 6 weeks of training.

To my surprise, only a small part of the training was about service. In addition to daily weigh-ins, hair, makeup and nail polish checks (no bedsheet nails allowed), we practiced how to serve customers, on each other.

The larger part of training was very intense. We studied several aircraft models in detail and learned the emergency procedures for each one. We experienced simulated terrorists attacks, crash landings, swimming through fire, and every imaginable disaster.

We were required by the FAA to carry an “emergency manual” which contained written directions on exactly what to do and which commands to shout in every emergency situation.

This is a big industry, but with this manual, we had the assurance that, if our lives were ever in jeopardy, we would perform exactly the same procedures with whomever we flew with to increase the chances of a safe outcome for everyone.

In all my years of flying, I never had to use those emergency procedures, but I had the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life. I met many Christians from all over the world and there was such beauty in knowing that even though we were complete strangers, we had so much in common, as we all followed the same “manual”, which of course, is the Bible.

This is a big world and we can take comfort in knowing that wherever we go, our brothers and sisters in Christ are reading exactly the same things we are reading and following the commands that our glorious God designed for us.

Now, I like that so much more than plucking bee lungs.