How does God reveal Himself to you? In the Bible, after Job’s questioning, we see God speaking in the storm.  When Elijah was in hiding from queen Jezebel, God did not speak in the storm, but in a still whisper. In the New Testament we see Jesus revealing himself through miracles of healing, giving sight to the blind and opening ears to hear. 

God has shown Himself to me in a variety of ways over the years: The sweet connection with Him and others as a group of ladies study His word together. The miracle of birth. Answered prayer in His timing and way.  Fresh cool mornings after a long hot summer. A thousand subtle ways that can be missed if I’m not looking for them. 

One of those ways was in the normal day-to-day of life and work. God has a way of interrupting our daily rhythms to reveal His glory. I was granted the ability to see His faithfulness to one of our investors. The first time I saw this older gentleman—let’s call him John—he came to the office to open some investments. He needed a plan to allow him to earn a return on his savings with the ability to make withdrawals for monthly living expenses. He expressed how grateful he was to God for giving him the strength and ability to care for his bride as she suffered from Alzheimer’s. However, the cost of assisted living and additional caregivers was a concern. As we discussed the ways we could work together I was able to get to know John. I learned of how he began a small church in the area, built it from the ground up (both spiritually and physically with a bulldozer and hammer), retired up north and was now back in the area. I was drawn to his bright smile and twinkling eyes. He was facing a lot of uncertainty, but he had immeasurable joy. One of the things we discussed was how long the funds would last before being depleted. Based on the information we had, it was about 5 years. 

At least once a year, we spoke—sometimes in person, sometimes over the phone for review of the investments. John was always careful to keep his investments with Church Investors Fund and modify his distributions if he didn’t need them for living expenses, always keeping in mind how many years his investments would last. 

A few years ago, he came in to let us know his wife was with the Lord, but since then we hadn’t really talked. Earlier this year, he had a stroke, and I began working with his daughter who was helping him with his finances. As we were going over some of the items that needed to be addressed, she told me how dad always had unexpected income. We marveled at how God was providing for John. God is faithful. 

This may seem trivial to some, but I have often struggled with financial means. Being a young mother and single mom for many years, I often lived paycheck to paycheck. To see God’s faithfulness to John, reminded me of God’s great faithfulness to me over the years. When the stress of a situation is over and life seemingly goes back to normal, it’s something I tend to forget. I wonder if the blind man ever took his sight for granted after it was restored. If so, he was a lot like me. God reminded me of His faithfulness and to always keep my eyes open to see Him clearly. In Ephesians 1:18 Paul prays that “the eyes of your understanding may be enlightened so that you will know the hope of his calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints and what is the boundless greatness of His power toward us who believe.” 

Once again, I am in awe of how God weaves the stories of our lives together to bring Him Glory.