We recently came back from a family vacation in Florida. I had a great time there with my wife, our 4-year-old daughter, and our 1-year-old son. We were able to explore different parts of town, visit friends, and most importantly just spend time together. While the trip was overall very memorable, the one thing that stands out to me is how important it is for kids’ development to spend time with their parents.

During our trip we were with our kids all day every day. It’s very different when we are back home where we work and have errands. During the trip we were able to wake up and read together, eat, and play all day. In just that short week my son learned a few new words, my daughter became much more talkative, they both became a lot more active, and I feel like the connection between the kids got a lot stronger.  Now that we are back home, still to this day my daughter keeps bringing up the trip and how much fun she had. I can also hear her talking to her friends about the fun things we did together.

While that brings me great joy, I quickly realized that due to life responsibilities we won’t be able to always spend this much time with our kids, and that they will be apart from us more often as they start school and begin the process of becoming independent adults.

It makes me think of our relationship with God. In that relationship the roles are reversed, and we are the kids while God is the Father. It is very interesting how when we spend more time with God in His word and in prayer how we also have better development of our spiritual lives than when we just try to go through life by ourselves. The good news about our relationship with God is that the relationship we have with Him is not one that has the physical world constraints that we experience here in this world.  He can hear us and be there for us whenever we reach out to him.