Is life nothing but random events, or does God drive them? The truth is God is always with us, and He speaks when and how He chooses. God speaks into every area of our daily lives: relationships, jobs, finances, time, you name it. He is everywhere. He knows our every thought.

The question is… Is God speaking to you?

Some of the times God was evident in my life, it was clear right from the get-go that God was present. Other times, especially during the most challenging times, it wasn’t until I looked back later that I saw how God was working.

It’s easy to trust in God when everything is going great in our lives, but it’s another to trust in Him when times are tough. So often, me included, we waiver in our faith when we don’t hear God or feel He isn’t listening. We become desperate for an answer, but God needs us to wait and have faith… or maybe He is already answering it, but it is not what we hoped for, so we don’t see it.

Sometimes we may feel God takes our prayers out of context, or maybe we think God didn’t hear us right. The truth is, God hears us just fine. We often may miss hearing His voice because we are simply not listening. God has a plan for each and every one of us.

Unfortunately, we are living in a world where society often makes God’s Word fit their narrative, rather than the narrative fitting God’s Word. We also often take Scripture out of context.  We claim a “word from the Lord” and use it as an excuse to do what we want. In other words, we attempt to use Scripture to justify our actions – even though it is out of context.

When we yield our will to God and allow His Spirit complete control over our lives, God will do miraculous things. God knows what He wants to do for each person. We have to be intentional and purposeful when opening God’s Word. We must quiet our hearts and minds and focus on Scripture and what God is telling us.

And Pray – we must pray. Are we just asking, or are we also listening? We must trust God’s guiding hand. There will be distractions. Things will attempt to knock us off track, causing us to take our eyes off God. In fact, I am sure many had a rough day, and our minds are just not right. But God is good and knows exactly where we are and what we need – even if we don’t.