Shingle Springs, California

Gold Country Baptist Church is located near the foothills of the Sierra Mountains in the rural residential area of Shingle Springs, California. Their heart is focused on being faithful in proclaiming the whole counsel of God and God has blessed that with more people.

They had the vision before thinking about building that they needed more room for growth, so they began to pray.They prayed specifically, in fact, for a piece of property that was not even for sale, believing God to provide if it was in His will. What a testimony developed…the Lord honored their prayer and allowed them to buy this property!

Since they did not wish to be in debt with the start of a new building, they began to set aside money. During this time, the congregation not only faithfully obeyed God by giving sacrificially towards saving for the building, but also continued to support their staff and missionaries, as well. However, during the process of building they began to realize the cost of material was increasing faster than the cost of what interest would be. Therefore, they decided to check into the possibilities of obtaining a loan through the ministry of CEIF.

Reflecting on this past season of life God brought Gold Country through, Pastor Phil states, God’s timing was perfect in our occupancy of the new building as our Sunday Schools and classroom were already filled beyond capacity before the Lord added another 100+ to our congregation, and we now have plenty of space for God’s Word to be taught. In the past, our elderly women’s Bible study had to be crowded into the kitchen and the college study had to meet outside or in the foyer and our Jr. High program had more than 50 crammed into a little room. These groups are all so blessed to have plenty of room now, and most importantly, God’s Word can be taught without unnecessary distractions…Our faithful God knew He would add to our numbers and also provided the facility in His perfect providence, and for that we give Him all the glory”.

“Thank you [all investors of Church Investors Fund] for being like brothers in Christ by using God’s funds for God’s work.”