Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Heritage Baptist Church has a relatively long history. Back in 2010 the church celebrated 100 years of God’s faithfulness here in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. The church was founded by German immigrants and eventually came to be known as Central Baptist Church. In 1989 the church was renamed Heritage Baptist Church when the congregation built a new building in a newer part of Yorkton (Heritage Heights). This move was a great step of faith that has served the church well.

More recently, the church took another step of faith by launching out with a building expansion that will essentially double our current space. For many years the city of Yorkton had a stable population but with little growth. These days our city and province are experiencing much growth. This growth has come as people born in Saskatchewan are returning home to work and raise their families. Other people are moving in from other places in Canada because of the job opportunities that are now available here. We also see more immigrants from around the world settling into our city. The impact of all of this means that we have a more diverse congregation in terms of ages and backgrounds than we had even back five years or so.

This January we had a special baptism service. Three people were baptized, one a high school student and the other two a husband and wife who came to Yorkton a few years ago. The woman was originally from Mexico while her husband is from Ontario. Layoffs in the auto sector saw this man seeking work. The man came first to Saskatchewan and made contact with our church initially over the internet. People embraced this young man, helped him find a place to stay and made him feel at home. Some months later his wife and children joined him and they became very active in our church. The man, who now works in a potash mine as an electrician, is involved with our men’s Bible Study, and a sub-group of these men who give of their time on certain Saturdays to help some of our seniors and single moms with projects around their homes – things like cleaning leaves out of gutters, or fixing some leaky plumbing. His wife is also involved in one of our ladies’ Bible study groups and is now giving leadership to our weekly “Club DJ” children’s ministry.

Our children and youth ministries are one reason why we are excited about the extra space coming with our building expansion. We have more children and youth coming out to our various ministries from our church families but also from families in our community. Having more adequate facilities will enhance the impact we will be able to have on these young lives. Our new facility includes a gym that will double as a hall to host church meals. Our current fellowship room is too small to host meals or to provide adequately for wedding or funeral meals. The expansion will have a new kitchen, more class rooms, office space, and a youth lounge that overlooks the gym area. We anticipate that our building expansion will be complete and ready to use this spring.

We are thankful as a church that we have a resource such as [Church Investors Fund] to partner with to make this building expansion a reality. More than traditional lenders [Church Investors Fund] understands the needs and the challenges that churches face. We do appreciate the financing options that give us more flexibility as we complete our expansion project and begin using it for the glory of God. While a church is not really about the building it is true that our church buildings do have the potential to hinder or to help the work of ministry. We are excited as we think about the lives that will be touched as we get ready to open the doors to our expansion and the future blessings God has for us, as His church, here in Yorkton.

Brian Kirsch
Senior Pastor
Heritage Baptist Church
Yorkton, SK