In this modern day, most people are living a fast-paced life that usually leaves very little time for reflection. This often leaves people lacking purpose and gratitude as the daily grind consumes their time and energy and doesn’t leave much room to recharge. Throughout the Bible, God calls us to remember His faithfulness to us and to take time to celebrate how He has sustained and blessed us through the different seasons of life. In an ideal world, we would take time to reflect regularly and recharge. However, the reality is that often, it’s only when we’re marking anniversaries that we take time to reflect on our relationships, our purpose in life, and our relationship with God.

This week is the wedding anniversary of my wife and me. Looking back over the years, it’s hard to imagine how we have both changed and matured by all the life circumstances we’ve experienced. Who we were on our wedding day compared to who we are now after having kids, career changes, moving, the ups and downs with health, and ministry life is completely different. It’s a joy to look back on all of those things—even the tough times—because we can clearly see God’s guidance and provision and how it was truly Him that sustained us through everything, even when we maybe didn’t see it in the moment. While this is something that we all know in the back of our minds, it’s not something we usually genuinely appreciate until we take some time to really reflect on it.

When I think about how God has sustained me and my family through all of the ups and downs, I find that remembering His goodness towards us helps me to refresh and recharge. So, if you’re running a busy life and haven’t taken a moment to reflect and acknowledge God’s work in your life, I would encourage you to do so. It is refreshing and can serve as a great time to recommit to your walk with God.