Kitchener, Ontario

A continual flow of people coming to Canada from Latin America has been occurring over the past twenty years. Imagine leaving all that you have known, including family, friends and even your own native language in search of a better life. Rev. Felipe Rodriguez and the congregants of Iglesia Bautista Nueva Jerusalen are diving head first into this mission field. This unique little church is a multicultural Latin American group composed of immigrants from 14 different countries, ministering not only to people’s spiritual needs, but to their basic activities of life that come with starting over in a new country.

Economically, this was the “little church that couldn’t.” The process of finding a church was not an easy one. When opportunities to purchase a building arose, doors were being shut, but God’s hand was in the process. They now own a property that has proven tohave great potential – a five-year-old home with an attached steel warehouse on a large lot. God’s provisions have been never ending. Owning a church has now given Iglesia Bautista Nueva Jerusalen the freedom to have facilities where they can operate full time, unlike when they were sharing facilities in the past. During this entire process, people have caught the vision and passion through sacrificial giving. Countless hours of physical labor have been served to see others come to know Christ.

On top of their programs that relate to people’s spiritual needs, they are hoping to further develop their immigration and evangelism ministries. Nueva Jerusalen is continuing to grow during the building process.

“There are all kinds of investments one can make, mostly appealing to financial return. Investing in a church offers double dividends, but the spiritual dividends are incomparable. May God richly reward you for making possible the growth of our ministry!” -Rev. Felipe A. Rodriguez, Pastor