Sometimes our lives can feel as if we are in a season of waiting or down a road we never planned. If you’re anything like me, the road unknown and the season of waiting can be quite the battle. Being human, I like to plan to the best of my ability and when a plan doesn’t work out the way I intended, I sometimes wish I could change the outcome. But the truth is, I am not as in control as I think I am.  

We all experience an event in our life where we find ourselves in a season of waiting. No matter what the situation may be, whether it be waiting for a better health diagnosis from the doctor, waiting to be put in a better work environment, for a job to come through, or currently waiting for our lives to go back to normal before the COVID pandemic, the season of waiting can feel never ending.

About a year ago, I found myself to be in a season of waiting as I navigated down an unexpected path I never planned for. During this season, I found myself questioning God at times and asking why I had to go through this. What was a shock to me was by no means a shock to God, for He already knew the situation and the outcome. As much as I wanted to get back what I had and have God take the pain and agony away, I knew it wasn’t an option. So, here was my season of waiting upon the Lord for guidance and wisdom because the decisions I had to make were never a part of my plan.

Maybe you’ve been in a similar position and found yourself questioning or are asking God, why must I wait or go through this trial? It took me awhile, but in the waiting and through the trial I started to realize that I had to let go. Not just let go of the situation before me but let go of my controlling nature and learn to trust God. Letting go was, and is, still hard to do, but knowing He has a far better plan than I could ever plan for myself, is what I found myself clinging to during this season.

The season of waiting can seem disappointing, but I believe the trials placed before us is God’s way of revealing our deepest need rather than what we so desperately want. And what we need is more of God. The worldly desires we think are best for ourselves can never truly satisfy our hearts more than having a relationship with God. The season of waiting is now more prevalent amongst us all as we wait for our lives to return to normal. In this season, let us strive to let go of our control and trust in the one who is in complete control. God has a plan and will carry it through until it is complete.