Bonds are available for purchase only if you are a member of, a contributor to, or a participant in a ministry having the following characteristics, as determined by Church Investors Fund in its sole discretion: (1) acceptance of the Bible alone as the authority for faith, practice, (2) governance by elders selected by the congregations, and (3) commitment to fulfill Christ’s great commission to make disciples of all peoples.

Church Investors Fund is registered to sell securities in most provinces.

Interest rates on Church Investors Fund investments depend on the length and amount of the investment. Click here to review our current Investment Rates.

Church Investors Fund securities are not insured by C.D.I.C. or any other federally regulated financial institution. To understand the potential risks of a Church Investors Fund investment we encourage you to review our Annual Report and Subscription Agreement and the Protecting Your Investments section.

Upon maturity, Bonds may be extended, rolled-over or redeemed. Each investor is provided with written notification of the maturity at least 30 days prior to the Bond’s maturity date via mail. If the investor notifies Church Investors Fund prior to the maturity date that they elect not to extend or rollover a Bond, the principal amount of the Bond with accrued and unpaid interest to the date of repayment will be paid to the Bondholder within 60 days of the Bond’s maturity. If redemption is not requested, the Bond will rollover on the same terms and conditions as the matured Bond, and the renewed Bond will earn interest at the rate in effect on the date of the rollover.

Church Investors Fund Foundation Bond funds may be redeemed at any time without penalty. Term Bonds that are prematurely redeemed will be assessed a 2% penalty on the amount withdrawn if it is more than one year from maturity. The penalty reduces to 1% if withdrawn within one year from maturity.

Church Investors Fund can send you the interest earned on Term Bonds by check or electronically on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, depending on the size of the Bond. Of course, interest can also be rolled back into the investment.

In order to avoid having to deal with lost Bonds, Church Investors Fund has moved to a book entry system. From now on, you will no longer receive a Bond. Instead, you will receive a letter from us stating how much you invested, at what rate and for how long. You will also receive periodic statements.

Yes, we provide investments in the name of trusts.

Yes, in fact this can be more efficient. Also, we can arrange to accept funds regularly if you like; also, if you prefer, we can electronically deposit interest due to you instead of writing a check.

Visit our How to Invest page for steps on becoming a Church Investors Fund Investor.

Yes. Just call our toll free number at 1-800-543-2343 and someone will assist you. You may also email us (by clicking here). Visit our Contacts page for a directory of the staff who are ready to serve you.