Montreal, Quebec

Pastor Edgar A. Valenzuela gave his life to Jesus at a very young age and soon felt God calling him to serve in ministry. In 1987, he left his homeland of Guatemala to follow God’s guiding hand to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

In May of 1998, Pastor Edgar Valenzuela, with his wife, Sandra, by his side, were called by the Spirit of God to expand the Gospel in the city of Montreal, Canada. La Maison Du Potier (Potter’s House) began by five brothers in Christ coming together for several weeks in constant prayer and worship. They emerged with the “courage and authority to believe in the Voice of God”, as Pastor Edgar shares.

Pastor Edgar describes the ministry of La Maison Du Potier as a fun and exciting church designed for people of all backgrounds, with an atmosphere that makes you feel at home from the moment you enter. It is a missionary church with people of all backgrounds whose primary purpose is to help spread the Gospel. We help churches from other countries; in Guatemala we help three churches, and one in Argentina. We believe the Gospel is for all who want it to dwell within their hearts. As we worship, study God’s Word, and reflect on the world around us, we trust God to lead us into wholeness in all relationships and into ministries of justice and compassion.”

As you might imagine, the first few months as a church came with its share of struggles, but God provided for the church, including an opportunity to share facilities with a French-speaking church. Their faithfulness to the Lord would soon allow them to find a more permanent place for them to worship. After much fasting and praying, and asking God for a rental space where they could have more freedom to continue doing His work, God answered their prayers. He blessed them with a church they were able to call “home” for the next ten years. During those years, the leaders in the church showed their commitment to God’s calling by working secular jobs in order to finance their small congregation. Throughout this entire time the congregation received continuous blessings, allowing the church to grow both spiritually and in numbers.

In 2009, the Lord led Pastor Edgar to pursue an aggressive plan of outreach. This included the purchase of a church building with a seating capacity of 250, made possible by a gift mortgage from the Eastern Association and a loan through Church Investors Fund. The Potter’s House held their first worship services on the property September 12-13, 2009.

“With the [Church Investors Fund] loan, we were able to establish a comfortable place, as space was one of our main issues. Ever since we moved to this new location, The Potter’s House Church’s growth has accelerated. This new building has given us the opportunity to have a children’s and a youth ministry. We are committed to extending the Gospel though projects, outreaches, and missions. We will honor God with our faith, leadership, integrity, excellence, and effectiveness,” shares Pastor Edgar.

Since their move, the congregation has grown from 80 Believers to over 150. Pastor Edgar expresses how they have also created an entire ministry dedicated to broadcasting our weekend services live (via the internet), reaching over a 1,000 viewers per weekend. Jesus said that we must go into the world and spread the Gospel to all, and that is our main purpose – to gain more souls for Jesus!”

Pastor Edgar wishes to say,Thanks, to a dedicated group of Brothers willing to give their all for the work of God. Believing in the vision that God has given to His servant, as Brothers motivated by the love of God, we will continue to help the needy.”