Life is filled with trials. It’s not a matter of whether you will face trials, but more a matter of when. These trials come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from health issues to marital issues, financial issues, emotional issues, and many more. These issues even come in waves. I have a friend who has been going through a difficult time. She has dealt with several personal health issues, including one that was quite serious, the loss of a close family member, another close family member who was facing a serious personal challenge, and yet another family member who was hospitalized with a serious health issue.

The truth is the trials have been a bit much, but it is also true that these trials have drawn her even closer to God. Often these trials strip us down to the point where we must make a choice. We can allow these challenges to overwhelm and consume our every thought, or we can rise up and find God is light in the darkness.

This friend has chosen to rise up and find God’s light in the darkness. Rather than run from God’s Word, she dug deeper into it. Whenever she started drawing away from His Word, she said she could sense the inner peace being drawn out of her.

We can’t wait for life not to be hard anymore before we decide to be joyful. When times are tough, often this joy can only be seen through God’s Word. We are reminded of the many blessings that continue to surround us, even when life is at its darkest. Of course, saying it and living it is a whole other story. My friend has been in a constant battle and has seen light in God’s Word, but she has also felt the negative emotions constantly creeping in. She has felt like she is facing more than her fair share of challenges but has also felt very blessed and fortunate for God’s love, mercy, and healing.

When we are in these battles, we need to turn to God more than ever. We are reminded in 1 Peter 5:8 to “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

Whether you just entered a trial, are in the midst of a trial, or coming out of one, I encourage you to stay strong and consistent in God’s Word. I admire my close friend for the incredible example she has been to me in how she has worked at keeping God at the center of her life, especially when it would have been far easier to just allow herself to be devoured by the roaring lion.