I grew up in Scotland, where I attended university, and began my career as an accountant. I loved my Scottish heritage, but, soon felt God calling me to new adventures. He first led me to the tropical island of Jamaica for a few years, and then, to Canada, where I have settled since 1976. It was through my home church in Edmonton where I first discovered Church Investors Fund and would eventually become a board member. I was able to retire from my job a few years back, and my wife and I have been traveling and witnessing God’s glorious beauty in many different countries. Although I have enjoyed the various cultures, I still adhere to some of my Scottish roots.

For example, I wear a signet ring on my pinkie, because it was the custom in Scotland for the bride-to-be to give her husband-to-be a ring when the couple became engaged. A wedding ring was only given by the groom to the bride at the wedding ceremony. There was no “exchange of rings” as is the custom in North America.

The ring on my pinkie is the ring my father received on his engagement to my mother. There is an interesting story attached to it. My father was posted to India and Burma towards the end of the Second World War. The regiment was housed in tents and one night during the monsoon season it was hot and humid and my father could not sleep. As the rain came pouring down he went outside to be refreshed by the cooling downpour. When he returned to the tent he discovered his ring had been washed off his hand. Going back outside proved useless as what ground could be seen above the water was mud. The next morning he went outside in what he assumed would be a fruitless search, only to find the ring sitting, gleaming in the sunshine!

What was lost was found. I never think of this without associating it with Christ’s parable in Luke 15 of the woman with the lost coin. The ring on my finger is a constant reminder. A reminder of my father and of Christ’s unending search for us. We are loved so much that God sent his Son to find and redeem us.