It can be amusing when a new study “discovers” what many of us would consider to be common sense. One such example was recently done by Emory University.

In their recent study the school found that people who spend a lot of money on their wedding are much more likely to end up in divorce court. In fact the study found the difference to be quite significant. Their findings show that those who spent more than $20,000 on their wedding day are 350% more likely to end up divorced than those who spent less than this amount. Now I would say that 350% is too large to be a statistical anomaly.

Unfortunately the study didn’t say whether these marriages ended because the couples incurred this specific debt; or, was it because the type of people who are normally big spenders, find it hard to make the necessary compromises that come along with marriage.

My personal guess is that it is probably a bit of both.

In thinking back to my own wedding, it costed a little more than most because I was married in Denmark where my wife grew up; then we had a second reception in Canada for my friends and family. Yet despite this, we were still able to pay cash for it all at 23 years old. Unfortunately, this is no longer the norm, as more and more couples are comfortable with putting their “big day’s” expenses on a credit card. Other studies say that the average couple is now taking 5-7 years to pay for their wedding day.

One wonders about the thinking that goes into that decision. To take 2,200 days to pay for one day’s celebration, which will likely go by in a blur, seems like it could be a spike to the heart of any marriage. If you can easily make that choice, then imagine the other choices that will be made in the following years.

The study went on to say that couples who do not go into debt for their wedding are less likely to divorce, and this might show that they are better matched financially, and therefore less prone to crisis.

After reading that statement it is hard not to smile about the theory of evolution; as a species, there is little evidence that we are advancing in very much that is important – and especially in those areas that require a dab of self-preserving common sense.

The study summed up their findings with the following statement; “burdensome debt may be one source of marriage stress”.

Now there is a statement built by a committee. Sometimes, the facts just rise up and slap you whether or you are paying attention or not.

Sometimes the old ways aren’t just old, they are simply better.