Being in the finance industry I constantly find myself studying and keeping track of financial and economic data. We look at things such as inflation, production, imports and exports to see if we might gain any insight on what’s to come in the near future. Over the Christmas weekend I was spending time thinking about life, what’s most important, and how we treat things that are most important. One thought that came to mind is that we do keep track of the things that are important to us. For example, in corporate finance, economic data is important, so we keep track of that. In personal finance our wages, savings, and debts are important, so we keep track of that. In sports, the win/loss records of a favorite team are important, so many people keep track of that. However, I found that when it came to the area of one’s spiritual life that there seems to be a lot less “keeping track”. Yes, we read the Bible and pray regularly. Yes, we participate in our small groups and go to church on Sundays. However, when it comes to paying attention to what’s going on in one’s spiritual life, there seems to be more “go with the flow” then active monitoring of one’s spiritual life.  

So, as most of us do, I set a new year’s resolution: to not just live the spiritual life, but to keep track of it too. Taking notes about things I’m worried about and praying for. Writing down things I’m struggling with and suggestions of what it will take to fix the issue at hand. Finding Bible verses that challenge me and writing them down to go back to. Of course, the things I write down will change over time. However, I am happy that I am now tracking those changes to see what’s going on at a specific time in my life and seeing how we change over time.  

While it’s still early in the year to really have a lot of time behind this new goal, I would say in the short period of time I have been doing this, it has been very helpful. I feel a sense of growth in my spiritual walk as I now have information that helps me keep track of what is going on in my personal and spiritual life which provides a bit more direction.

All people are different, and what works for one may not work for the other. However, for me this has been very helpful.