During a recent Sunday service, we heard a message about passing our faith down to younger generations and the importance of doing so. The message resonated more than usual as I have recently been asking myself how I can do a better job at sharing my faith with students and family members younger than me.

One way that has encouraged me to share my faith has been through seeking the counsel of those older than me. There are many people in my life who have experienced much more and have a lot of wisdom and knowledge to pass down. One couple I’ve gotten to know over the past two years has been able to pour into me on the days when I needed encouragement, wisdom, and the reminder to keep my focus and obedience in the Lord, for He is faithful and always will be. Their willingness to share their wisdom and honesty has helped me significantly grow in my walk. I am genuinely thankful for their steadfast devotion to God and their obedience in serving Him as they continue to be an encouragement to not only me but others as well.

As this couple and many more have encouraged me to continue serving, I do my best to listen, heed their advice, and seek ways to be there for youth students and young family members in my life. I recently had the opportunity to take a few youth students on a hike. It was a wonderful time for us to laugh, get to know one another more, enjoy the outdoors, and eat good ice cream afterward, but more importantly, engage in conversations about how their lives are going. We talked about how difficult the school year was for most of them – whether it is from struggling to pass exams, going through a health challenge and having to go on independent study, to losing friendships. There were times I didn’t know what to say to their situations but listened and reminded them, above all else, we can go to God and lean on His word for guidance, strength, and endurance when the days, weeks, or years may be tough; for God will never leave us and will carry us through even when we don’t know what’s ahead.

The youth today face many challenges, and though it may not seem like it, they yearn for guidance, community, and a place of refuge from all their struggles. As believers, we can point those who are younger in our lives to Jesus, who provides rest to our souls, and how a life built upon His word and truth will provide our lives with a strong foundation that will not be shaken.

I know I still have a long way to go in learning how to pass down my faith well, but I believe it is essential for us to ask ourselves how we can pass down our faith and share our stories with the younger generations – for it is the younger generations who will hopefully be sitting in our churches, spreading the good news, discipling others, and passing on their faith to the next generation.