Traveling across the country has been your dream. Now you have come to the place in your life where you have the time to go but just don’t see a way to make your dream happen. You’ve retired, your income has been greatly reduced, and the budget just won’t support the adventurous lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Don’t let the dream die. Consider the following ways to work while you travel. There are many opportunities.

When I planned my travel budget, I realized contingencies may arise that would have the potential to stop my dream. I researched to find ways to cover unexpected expenses. Let me share with you what I found and also what I have learned from some delightful people I’ve met while traveling.

Work for a National or State Park. I met a couple a few years ago whose only job was to park their RV at the gate of a national park and live there for the summer to greet visitors during the day and watch the gate after the park closed at night. They both were paid for their services.

Workamping. RV parks all across the country offer certain jobs for those who will stay for a month or a season. There are positions such as camp host, maintenance, recreation director or kitchen help. The pay is usually discounted rent, and some may also include hourly pay. A man cutting grass in a Wisconsin park said he earned enough working three months in the summer to pay his lot rent in another state for the remainder of the year.

Current employers. You may be able to provide your services at remote locations. One man I met at an RV park was an insurance adjustor and was also commissioned by his church as a minister to campers.

Provide services to fellow campers. Let the park manager know what skills you can offer, such as pet sitting, alterations, quilting lessons, computer lessons, notary public, RV washing, etc.

Jobs in the local area. I enjoy learning the history, culture, and economics of towns I visit. Almost every town has a need for temporary or part-time employees. Many things are seasonal. Teens go back to school; retirees who have come for a season go back home, etc. But I would give just a word of caution here. These types of jobs will not pay what you have been accustomed to earning. Keep your focus. You are not looking for a new career. You just want a little extra income to pay for the next leg of the journey, or the unexpected emergency.

Retail sales. Travel with a purpose. Find out where expos are being offered across the country and transport your goods to show at a home show or expo.

Sell your crafts. Every state has craft shows and flea markets. Set up a booth to sell your creations: jewelry, hats, pottery, woodwork. You can pay for your travels selling the things you enjoy making. When the shows are over, explore the area.

There are many income possibilities made possible by technology, such as writing, e-books, online sales of services or products. Find a need and offer your skills. Whether you are traveling or would like to work from home, develop a plan, make yourself available and live that dream!