We arrived in the movie theater just in time to catch the previews. The theater was moderately full, which gave us some personal space, but allowed us the opportunity to share in the movie with other fellow movie-goers. As the previews ended and the lights dimmed a bit more, we were ready to see the movie Miracles in Heaven. I hadn’t seen many of the trailers, but it was a movie my wife really wanted to see; which guaranteed some sort of warm, feel-good storyline.

If you haven’t seen the storyline yet, it is based on a true story and is about a young girl who is suffering from a rare digestive disorder, with no hope for a cure. No hope, that is, until God decides to step in and show the world just how awesome he can be. This sick girl survives a terrible fall that doesn’t kill or even paralyze her, but instead cures her.

But it’s not the storyline in itself that gathers your attention, but the way they help you understand the helplessness that all parents feel for their kids at some time in their life. You know the feeling. You see your kids going through pain and suffering and you feel helpless. Whether it’s a temporary illness, injury or something more terminal, our only hope is to wrap our arms around them and turn towards God. We often openly weep and cry out to God, asking…often begging for him to help our child. We ask God to take this suffering away and give to it us. It would be far easier.

I felt these overwhelming emotions rising up over and over again during this movie….and I didn’t like it. It was too real. I started wondering if others in the theatre were experiencing the same emotions I was. I dare not look around, because then I might make them uncomfortable, or worse yet, I may reveal my moment of vulnerability – something that I don’t often do. It wasn’t until there was about 5-10 minutes left in the movie when an older man sitting in the row in front of us started to lose it. He was openly sobbing, and he couldn’t control it. It got to the point where he, and his under-control wife, felt the need to leave the theatre altogether because he just couldn’t take it anymore….and we were at a positive point in the story.

I was able to hold it together for the remainder of the movie and we quietly got up from our seats and filed out of the theatre. As we got in the car and headed home, I wondered how often God has those very emotions many of us experienced in the theatre that day. Does God openly weep when he sees us make decisions that he knows will lead to pain and suffering? He is such of a loving God, I can’t imagine what we must put him through.

“But because of his great love for us,God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.” – Ephesians 2:4-5