When 2018 began I decided that my word for the year – that thing I wanted to focus on all year – would be PURGE. Much has been written on this topic, but basically it boils down to – if it isn’t beautiful or functional it probably shouldn’t have a place in my home. And, just like most people, I have accumulated too much stuff in my closet, garage, kitchen cabinets, laundry room, etc. We all know that having too much stuff erodes our quality of life, pocket book, and peace of mind. This affects our present life, but have you ever thought about how it will affect the next generation?

I read an article on Facebook recently that said millennials don’t want to inherit the stuff that will be passed down from their parents and grandparents. Sure, there may be a few sentimental items that still get passed down from generation to generation, but for the most part our kids are desiring a simpler, more minimalistic life, that includes living with less stuff. Someday, when I am gone, I really don’t want my kids to inherit the “stuff” that I refused to deal with.

So, I resolved that 2018 would be my year to purge. But, where to start?

Maybe with those books on the shelf that were read ages ago (or not read), that are just collecting dust now. Or, that overstuffed closet that is filled with clothes we don’t want to get rid of because they might fit us…someday. Or, that garage that we can no longer park in because it’s filled with stuff from our past that we are no longer using. Often times we can’t even remember what’s out there, but we’re sure we might need it someday. This is a task that may seem overwhelming to many – myself included. Finding the time in an already busy schedule, knowing how to tackle each area, and staying focused can be difficult.

A mentor of mine once told me that when trying to reach a goal, “something is always better than nothing.” How true that is! Doing just a little each day can certainly make a monumental task more doable. This will not bring the instant gratification that we all desire, but it will ensure that we will effectively meet our long-term goal.
I found a great resource online at home-storage-solutions-101.com. This website has many tips and suggestions to help with a decluttering project, information on how to identify clutter, how to organize, emotional reasons for holding on to clutter, etc. There is also a Declutter 365 Challenge that includes 15-minute daily “missions” to eliminate clutter in one year, and even a free printable 2018 Declutter Calendar.

As a believer, I also want to remember that that I serve a God who is completely capable of meeting my every need. Hanging on to stuff “because I might need it someday” is almost like telling God I don’t trust Him. If He has always been faithful and provided for me in the past, He will certainly continue in the future.
So that’s my plan – 15 minutes a day – one closet, one cabinet or drawer at a time. Something is always better than nothing!