When my kids were growing up, there were times when they would get a little rambunctious or cranky, and they just needed a little Quiet Time to correct their behavior. Whether it was a simple nap to take the edge off or much-needed time all to themselves, these quiet times did wonders. In fact, I often felt I needed Quiet Time just as much as they did over the years, but the truth is, I rarely found it. When the kids were quiet, it was usually time for us to be productive. They would return recharged and ready to go while we were exhausted.

Fast forward through the years. Our kids are now grown and have moved out on their own, but we often still find ourselves exhausted. The truth is, the kids may be gone, but they have been replaced with other things that keep us busy. We volunteer at church more often, attend multiple Bible studies, work hard on the house’s upkeep, visit with friends more often… and whatever else we can squeeze in. We run ourselves ragged.

Unfortunately, the busyness of life can often cause us to take our eyes off God – even if it is church-related activities. We desperately need our Quiet Time with God!

This past month, Nora and I did precisely that. We gave ourselves some much-needed Quiet Time. We packed a bag and headed up to Lake Tahoe for the weekend with a commitment to Quiet Time. It was a weekend away with no cell phone use, no television, and no social media. We unplugged as much as possible. We took in God’s beauty by hiking around Lake Tahoe and appreciating the beautiful snow-covered mountains. We also spent much of our time in prayer, reading God’s Word, and just talking and refocusing our attention on God and each other. And lastly, we spent quite a bit of time just being quiet and listening to what God has to say to us – rather than what we have to say to God.

Now, I have to be honest. It was difficult for us because it goes against everything engrained into our culture. We feel the need to always be busy. And although it was difficult, it was easier than I thought it would be. The quieter we became, the more we were at peace.

After returning from our Quiet Time, our busy lives picked back up, but our souls were in a much better place. I challenge you to find your own Quiet Time. I am sure you will find it more than worthwhile.