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North American Baptist (NAB) Conference

NAB: This is why we connect

Diverse and Growing
The North American Baptist Conference is a family of over 400 churches with more than 74,000 worshippers in the United States and Canada. Founded by an immigrant missionary, North American Baptists are a diverse group of believers representing many cultures and languages. You’ll find us worshipping in small rural churches, large auditoriums, schools, storefronts, and homes.In addition, our ministry extends overseas through thousands of believers in West Africa, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and other parts of the world.

Regional Connections
Each of our local churches chose to be part of the North American Baptist Conference because they wanted to be part of a larger church family focused on making disciples. That voluntary decision to cooperate with others is a very important witness to our unity in Christ.

Much of that cooperation can be seen locally through 13 NAB regions. Regions are an important ministry of our conference, allowing many of our churches to network, maximize resources, and partner on important initiatives.

Our Priorities
The North American Baptist Conference is consistently working to multiply effective leaders and churches around the globe. We work to see church leaders grow exponentially in their leadership making them more effective in expanding the Kingdom of God. But that’s not all. We also partner with local leaders as they work to plant churches. We believe every church should be working toward planting other churches, so we provide guidance and relevant resources to make church multiplication possible. That’s what we’re all about.

Leadership Development
Equipping leaders is a key to making disciples.Godly, strategic, focused leaders encourages making disciples in a much greater measure.We feature five levels of leadership development opportunities. These include everything from monthly e-mail challenges to training materials to life transformation shared in authentic community.

Church Multiplication
Multiplication is a way of thinking about how we do church.It is ultimately how we make disciples of Jesus Christ whose lives are changed in obedience to scripture.Included are resources that help build a biblical foundation for multiplication that feature the essential characteristics for this kind of
church and those devoted to helping a church plant a new church.

The Time is Now
We’re humbled that God has chosen us to be a part of His massive redemption story. The moment to dive headlong into the adventure God is calling us to is now. Together, we’ll do all He asks of us and partner for the purpose of expanding His Kingdom.

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