Our church, like most other churches, has small groups where we can gather with people that are in similar walks of life to fellowship and grow in our walk with Christ. Our group, like many others, grew very close where we became more than just people that are part of the same group, but we became good friends. However, over the last few years all of the families except us have moved to a different state. This was hard to adjust to because these families became a part of our daily lives.

However, last weekend we were able to reunite in Colorado and spend a few days hanging out and enjoying the snow. It was a good time of fellowship and sight-seeing. In particular, I enjoyed the snowmobiling tour we did in the mountains. We toured a lot of interesting buildings and got to see a lot of nature. One of the things that amazed me was when our tour guide took a few minutes talking about aspen trees. What I learned is that aspen trees that are in close proximity to each other share one root. When an aspen tree starts to grow in a specific location, it will shoot up more trees that come off the same root structure. They say that when these trees start growing somewhere it becomes difficult for any other plants to grow around them because you can have a few hundred trees that are all connected through one root taking up all the water and nutrients that are needed to grow.

Later in the evening when we were talking about our day, we all seemed amazed that God made aspen trees this way. It made for a good resemblance of our small group! Even though we are living our lives in different parts of the country, we are still united through the same root, which is Christ. That continues to draw us together to fellowship and help each other even if it’s in a different capacity than it was before.