Here at Church Investors Fund we have been blessed to partner with churches to purchase land, construct new buildings, renovate, refinance existing debt, or even to provide a line of credit to provide a church with flexibility in their financial planning. We have also had churches secure loans to help support a church plant.

A common challenge we have seen in church planting is the struggle to obtain funding for a permanent place to call home. A church plant can be growing in numbers, but renting doesn’t build equity, and if the church is in an area where meeting space is at a premium, it can make it challenging to save. Though not impossible, it is certainly very difficult to do so alone. The chances of success are far greater when a young church is surrounded by a support team.

Over the years Church Investors Fund has been blessed to offer various loan opportunities that can help a church plant obtain a place they can call home. Here are a couple of ways we have seen churches launch healthy plants, approached from a slightly different angle.

One example is from a church which experienced a season of significant growth that brought them to capacity for Sunday morning services. While many churches facing such an increase in their congregation seek to increase the size of their building, they believed a larger gathering would make it more difficult for their people to experience warm, deep relationships.

While reviewing their demographics, they found many of those attending lived in the outlying areas of their community and had a growing desire to participate in a church closer to home where they could be more involved with ministry and service in and around their neighborhood.

The church prayerfully sought direction on how to manage the higher numbers, and eventually launched a second site in the outlying area. While they were confident multisite was the right approach for their church, they had no expectation that it would be easy or that success was guaranteed.

Confident they were on the path God set for them, they turned to Church Investors Fund to help secure the funds for the new property and renovations. The flexible payback options Church Investors Fund was able to offer were extremely helpful for a young church.

Today, both churches are healthy and changing lives throughout their communities.

In a second example, a group of churches had a different approach to church planting. Five church pastors met, prayed, and sought direction as to how to prepare for population growth and the need for a church witness. Each of these churches were too small and limited in finances to provide the needed funding alone, but by teaming together they could do much more. They sensed God leading them to raise a significant amount of money that would be used for land purchase and starting the project. Each church contributed according to their strength –two churches took a $100,000 line of credit, one donated $30,000 and one gave $20,000. The fifth was going through their own expansion plans but joined the project a little later.

The strength of this group of churches expanded the Kingdom in special ways. God was honored, people grew in grace and faith, and thousands were reached with the life-changing Gospel.

Our mission at Church Investors Fund is simply to help spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by providing financing to the local church and other like-minded organizations for acquisition, construction, and remodeling of churches, parsonages, and other projects that will enable them to expand their ministries. We encourage you to reach out to us and explore how we can partner together to carry out the mission of your church and further His kingdom.

Church Investors Fund offers flexibility through a Line of Credit. The funding can be used for a permanent meeting place and other building needs for the church plant, while only paying on the amount they draw down. And as long as the Line of Credit was used for the church plant, we even allowed for the funds to be used for essential operations when necessary.