Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to become friends with quite a few women from church and have enjoyed getting to know each one personally. One of my closest friends from this group I’ve come to know a little more than others, since we also see each other at group each Wednesday night. Though there are many qualities about her I enjoy, one that tends to stand out often is her sense of humor.

Recently, because my friend is extroverted, she decided to host a girl’s night at her house and invited me to join. I thought it was a good idea to attend at first, but when I started driving there, the introvert inside of me just wanted to go back home. However, instead of fleeing, I kept driving because I knew it would be better to be with her rather than not going.

I finally arrived and as I walked through the door, I did my best to engage with others as my friend cooked dinner; but I started to notice our friends seemed to be quieter than usual. As we gathered around the table to eat, the quiet room soon started filling up with questions from the news headlines and what was going on in our personal lives. We looked at a few scripture verses that fit our conversations and shared our input when we thought we had good advice to share. After discussing one particular topic, my friend quipped with something we were not expecting; and within seconds we all started laughing at her kind and yet hilarious response about people just needing Jesus. From that point on, the mood in the room changed from what was once filled with heartache, soon became a room filled with joy and laughter.

Before I walked out the door, I paused and told my friend, “I’m still laughing from your comment.” She smiled and laughed too.

Our days can be filled with the weight of what is happening in our world and in our personal lives that can at times be difficult to zoom out of. My friend not only has a gift of bringing laughter to others but the gift of reminding us of the importance in reading scripture and keeping our eyes fixed on Christ─ who is in control even when it’s challenging to see past our circumstances. I think it’s important to walk alongside the ones who can impart laughter, joy, and truth in your life. Especially when a reminder is needed the most.