Finding solitude so that I can be silent in the presence of God is not something my busy schedule seems to allow. There is always something that needs to get done. There always seems to be a child that needs to get picked up or dropped off somewhere. There always seems to be a soccer game, concert or church function that we need to go to. Dinner needs to be made, chores need to be done and I even need a little time with my wife so that we can regroup and strategize our next move.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. God has blessed me and my family abundantly. I get to serve God and His kingdom for a living. I get to work with some amazing men and women who love the Lord. All my kids have accepted Christ and are healthy. I was blessed with a wife who also loves God and our children with all her heart, and who even loves me – for some reason. Yes, we do have our stresses and struggles, but overall, life is good.

So what’s the problem? Have you ever done something and then realized it was an important piece that was lacking in your life, or that you simply needed more of it? I had that moment just recently. I had the opportunity to get away for a couple days with a group of pastors to refresh. While we were away we had some great reflection and discussion time together, but it was the solitude and silence that had the greatest impact.

During this time we had some hours to just be alone with God in a place that was quiet and surrounded by God’s beauty. I will admit that at first, my time alone with God was pretty noisy. I read a bit, then prayed, then reflected. There was so much to talk and ask of God. But after a bit, I reached a point where I finally allowed myself to just listen to God. It became a time of listening and discussion, instead of just an asking session.

What did I hear more than anything? That I need to spend more time listening to God, and I need to do a lot less talking.

The question then became: How am I going to schedule this alone time with God? I don’t completely know yet, but I do know that I don’t really have much of a choice….not if I want a relationship with Him. I am going to need to put God first. And when I really look at my busy schedule, I can see places where I really can be alone with God. I just need to make a conscious effort. Let me give a few examples of where I can find time alone with God in my life, and maybe you can relate.

Often, I drive my son to soccer practice, and because it is across town, I often just stay there and wait. Sometimes I will watch his practice or softball game on a nearby field. Other times I just go for a walk. This walk is one of the best times that God has provided that will allow me to be with Him. I just need to make the effort to allow time for God. There are plenty of areas where I can just sit and be silent. And I get this time a couple nights a week.

Another opportunity is when I am in the car alone. It can be anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours, but if I shut the radio off and just quiet myself, it is a great time for God and me to be together. (I think I even become a better driver, because I am in a much better place.)

I am going to find time alone at home – likely at night. My wife is up at 5:00 am almost every day and I know getting up earlier than that for me is just not going to happen. Of course, I also have to be willing to shut off the ballgame, which literally has zero impact on my life.

Where can you find your alone time with God?

“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone.” – Psalm 62:5