It seems that there is much concern that more and more people are turning away from the Christian faith. In particular I have read concerns that today’s non-Christian Millennials (born 1982 -2004) are skeptical and believe the Bible is an outdated book that has no relevance today.

I don’t know about you but I find that discouraging. I mean…where did we go wrong?

But then I found encouragement in a recent study done by Barna Group. The study found that nearly all practicing Christian Millennials described their faith as “very important to their lives and have attended a worship service in the past month” and 96% of them believe that the “Bible contains everything a person needs to know to live a meaningful life”.

The fact is they seem to live in a world today where they must take a stand either 100% in favor or against something. It seems people are ridiculed if they are anywhere in-between. I guess that is what happens when they are taught at a young age that every opinion they have is correct.

The truth is, it’s okay to have questions. It’s normal to have doubts. We need Christians to be hungry and searching for answers. It’s when we question and search for answers that we find God. What we need to avoid is the propaganda that is found on the internet. I believe people read something on the internet, and if they are under-educated in the topic, then they take the new found opinion as proven fact. And most often it’s not.

When it comes to the Christian faith, we need to dive into the Bible, and find answers for ourselves. We need to stop letting others think for us. And it’s not just about the Bible either. Many are swayed heavily in one direction one day, only to sway heavily in another direction the next day. Here is a simple example. About 10 years ago sandwich wraps became a healthy alternative. How can you go wrong with a tortilla loaded with tons of veggies and lean protein? Everywhere you went people were ordering wraps. But as always, the skeptics came out of the woodwork and began sharing their new found facts. Forget that it’s far better than a greasy burger. People need to know why they think they are bad. They found that the tortilla alone can contain 400-800 calories; and let’s not even talk about the high calorie sauces that are put on them. Soon the word was out and sales declined.

The point is people can find fault in anything. The internet, and more specifically social media, allows for people to share their views on anything they have a problem with. Then, many people find it easier to accept someone else’s opinion, as opposed to making a decision on their own findings.

I’m proud of the Christian Millennials of today that are finding their own answers in God’s word. They have a mind of their own.

As far as the rest; the Barna study also showed that 27% of non-Christian Millennials say the “Bible is the actual or inspired word of God. Let’s hope those 27% decide to research God’s word on their own, and not depend upon another’s extreme opinion.