I ran across an article a few days ago on the causes of stress. It listed events that result in great amounts of stress, such as death of a family member, divorce, job change, serious illness. Even good events can cause stress: marriage, birth of a child, etc. But the thing that caught my attention was “stress overload.” The article on 6 healthy habits.com said “one of the biggest causes of stress in your life may not be just one specific thing. It may simply be that your total stress load is too high.” You might be able to handle each individual event, but too many things occurring at one time may put you at the top of the stress chart.

The last few weeks have been somewhat eventful for us so I decided to see if recent circumstances could add up to what might be stress overload. I made a list and hope you get a bit of a chuckle out of what I found.

  • The heat index is running 105 – 115 degrees. Power bill has more than doubled.
  • The news just reported several cases of West Nile virus in this county. No outside grilling.
  • Tenants did not renew lease. Our house is unrented.
  • Dog had to have a tumor removed from under nail on left paw. No pet insurance.
  • Made frequent phone calls to check on brother overseas. Cost for one month was $1,400.
  • Serious maintenance issue on our two-year old travel trailer. Warranty just expired.
  • Husband developed severe summer cold/bronchitis. Sick for two weeks.
  • Husband passed severe summer cold to me. I was sick two weeks, then passed it back to him.
  • Gas mileage on truck dropped from 20 to 8.5 mpg. Had 40 miles left on extended warranty.
  • Truck needed four new tires.
  • Dog is now having problem with right paw. Still no pet insurance.
  • Microwave blew up. Too hot to turn on oven. Can’t grill outside. I’m tired of skillet dinners.

You might have fun making your own list about “stressors” in your life. I find it helps to laugh about things. But I would also encourage you to do something more. Make a list about how each of the items were resolved; or ways you found to deal with the issues. Just look at my next list.

  • Temperature has cooled down here but we plan to go East and stay in the mountains for a few months. Autumn is just around the corner and the colors will be beautiful.
  • Just had an application from someone wanting to rent our house. Problem solved!
  • Dog, husband and I are all healthy again.
  • The phone company enrolled us in a plan that reduced the overseas call rate by 94%, made it retroactive, and thereby reducing our bill by more than $1,000.
  • RV dealer said to bring the travel trailer back and they would make needed repairs, including new microwave.
  • Auto dealer honored the extended warranty and truck repairs were paid for.

The opposite of stress is peace. Jesus said “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world. John 16:33. Some things are resolved by time, and some by our own efforts. But always, for the child of God, we have someone who walks with us through the valleys, and will bring us out on the other side.