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Financial Reporting for Churches

Like all organizations, churches have financial reporting requirements to various parties. Whether reporting to the congregation, to government agencies, or financial institutions, a church must not only meet the minimum compliance requirement but ensure that faithfully donated funds are being stewarded properly.

Join us for this one-hour webinar as we go over financial statement basics for churches.

Date: August 15, 2024
Time: 10:00 am (Pacific)
Where: Zoom!
Cost: Complimentary

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Talking About Money in the Church

It can be difficult to talk about money in the church. We look at the challenges we face today and the various approaches that can help you and your congregation become better stewards.

Personal Finance

As the new year begins many people make resolutions to get their finances in order, to finally get out of debt, and start saving for retirement. However, many times people lack the necessary motivation, tools, and guidance to do so.

Investing Basics

Investing in the markets can bring anxiety as there is an endless amount of information that one needs to keep track of: How many years until retirement? What risks am I exposed to? What milestones should I set? We review some of the basic information you should consider when you start investing in the financial markets.

Estate Planning

We welcome you to join us for our Estate Planning Webinar! During the one-hour session together, we will look at the various areas you should consider regarding estate planning. (Note: This webinar is for US residents due to the differences in law. We hope to have one for Canada in the not too distant future.)

Church Finance

Church Finance plays a crucial role in the daily functioning of a church. Building/construction projects in particular can place a strain on a church. Therefore, it is vital for churches to have a firm grasp of the necessary steps when entering a building/construction project. Our goal is to help churches become better informed and educated on church finance so they can remain focused on ministry.


Many times, bookkeeping can be given very little attention in a church. Our goal is to help churches become better informed and educated on bookkeeping topics that are important for churches. During our one-hour together, we looked at various internal control topics and available technologies for church bookkeeping.