I grew up in an evangelical Christian home that in many ways was ordinary. We believed in the typical idea that God’s grace was necessary for people to come to Him, while at the same time it was the responsibility of each of us to accept this grace. It was a compromised position between the Calvinist and the Armenian view of predestination. As I have gotten older I have come to see this as my own view as well.

The part of the faith that is related to this, which I have not had as much peace over relates to the Call of God. It is a term I have heard used in many different contexts and meanings and I am not altogether comfortable with some of the notions that are implied by its usage.

I think I am not alone in this questioning. In fact, to many Christians I think it is a term that has been used to the point of losing its impact.

I especially hear this term used by pastors, and in a recent poll done jointly by Barna Research and Focus on The Family; of the pastors who responded, 90% of those finishing seminary, said they felt the call of God on their lives. Yet in the same study it also showed that 80% of these same people will have left the ministry after 5 years.

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear these stats is the verse in Matthew 24 which states, “many are called but few are chosen.”

To me this verse speaks strongly for predestination. That only those who are chosen, are the ones who really find God’s plan in the end. The odd thing is that you rarely hear people talk about being chosen of God; rather, it is normal for them to say they have been called.

As strange as it might be, from this verse, it sounds like it really is not that significant to be called of God. The verse states that God is calling almost anyone who will listen. Yet, when you hear people talk about their calling, they make it sound like they a have had a special dispensation that sets them apart.

So which is it? And what does it really mean to be called by God?

It is not common knowledge that lightening does not strike as randomly as people think. The common perception is that it normally strikes the highest point, or it can also be completely random – so we need to be careful as anyone could be its target.

In reality it is not as random as we would like to think.

In fact, if you look at a photo of lightening just before it hits the ground, you will see a very small bolt of lightning rising out of the ground joining with the main bolt just before the large one hits the ground. In reality, lightning strikes where the ground is energized by an energy force that attracts the main bolt.

Maybe this is how it works with God.

Maybe we should first switch our focus from His call in our lives, to how can we become His chosen. Then maybe, His chosen are not as random as we think. Maybe they are merely the ones who are reaching up to Him. Those who look longingly to Him for a touch of His power.